The multi-point lock: what is it?


 Multiple locks are those in which several deadbolts attached to the edge of a front door can be closed and opened when the key is turned. They are considered carpentry equipment that provides excellent protection against attempted break-ins. Also called a “high-security lock” or “defence lock,” this carpentry equipment has at least 3 locking points. However, it is possible to find multi-point locking models that offer 5, 7 or 9 locking points. What information do I need to know about this safety equipment?

The multi-point lock: what is it?

What are the different elements of a multi-point lock?

The multiple lock is the one that guarantees optimal protection for your home. Its peculiarity is to reinforce the lock of any entrance door into the house. It offers more security compared to other locks available in the market. This is because the multi-point lock has multiple locking points. To install a lock of this size, you definitely need to hire a locksmith expert. In this way, the professional locksmith will install the multi-point lock in the best possible conditions.

Today, multiple locks can be closed at up to 6 points in one go. However, the lock mode varies depending on the type of lock purchased. In addition, multi-point locks are designed for installation on solid doors. These carpentry accessories usually consist of several components, namely:

  • The chest: It usually houses the ceremony and the cylinder, 2 elements that make up the closing and locking of the multi-lock.
  • The Bolt: This is a movable metal part that inserts into the strike plate to ensure the door is locked. Today it is possible to find a deadbolt or a latch bolt. All multi-point locks offer a more efficient locking system. So don't hesitate to choose a deadbolt lock for more security.
  • The door opener: It usually picks up the deadbolt (bolt or frame) when the user activates the locking system of the multi-lock. With surface-mounted multiple locks, the striking plate is mounted on the wall. On the recessed lock side, the bolt engages in the headrest-mounted on the door frame.
  • The ceremony or bar: This is a metal part that guarantees the security level of the multi-lock. For optimal security, the ceremony or rod must be strong enough.
According to studies by locksmiths, the multi-lock is still one of the safest locks available on the market. Thanks to its security level, it significantly optimizes the closing and locking of the front door. Similarly, the multi-lock is the ideal carpentry equipment to secure the entrance to your home due to the presence of the bar, security cylinder and bolt. This type of lock is one of the best and helps limit home break-ins.
What are the different elements of a multi-point lock?

What different forms are there of a multi-point lock?

Multi-point locks come in different types of locks. Today you can choose either the pull lock or the handle lock. Whatever your preferences, you should know that the type of lock you choose can be combined with any type of front door. Multi-point locks are also easy to use and offer effective access control.

In terms of shape, the multi-point lock can be:

  • Vertical: The lock fits doors with wide jambs;
  • Horizontal: Multi-point locks of these shapes are specifically designed for exterior doors with narrow jambs.

The choice of shape varies depending on the front door. It is therefore important to consider some criteria before choosing the multi-point locks that are perfect for your installations. If you encounter difficulties, the ideal is to contact a professional locksmith so that they can give you the necessary clarifications.

Built-in or surface-mounted multiple locking system

Today there are several models of multi-locks sold on the Internet. The lock can be installed surface-mounted or recessed. On the other hand, the number of points where your woodworking equipment sits determines how secure it is and how resistant it is to break-ins. Regardless of which model you choose, your front door must be of excellent quality to benefit from the advantages of this type of lock.

The construction of recessed multi-point locks is carried out with the aim of installing high-quality front doors. On the other hand, surface-mounted locks are designed to be ideal for heavier and more robust front doors.

The multi-point lock

Recessed multi-point locks typically fit within the thickness of the front door to be discreet. Since the lock has a flat Cremona, it is installed along the door panel. However, please note that the built-in lock does not have good resistance to burglary and burglary. The lock's bolt only fits at the height of the front door frame. Therefore, no deadbolt locks near the ground are detected. If you want to replace your multi-point lock, be sure to use an identical model to make installing the lock easier. Installation therefore requires no modifications to the wooden door.

Surface-mounted multiple locking system

The surface-mounted multi-point lock is installed on the front of the front door. In fact, the installation of this type of lock is carried out on the inside of the house. His staff has a round woman and is visible. The Cremone is operated over the entire height of the front door. It is locked at the top of the door and also at floor level. Installing the surface-mounted multi-point lock is easy to do, especially for a professional locksmith.

In addition, installing the surface-mounted multi-point lock brings aesthetics to your interior. When you buy this type of lock, you can be sure that it will fit your door. This is because this carpentry equipment can be adapted to any type of entrance door (armoured gate, garage door, gate, etc.).

What protection should I have after installing a multi-point lock?

Regardless of whether it is an armoured door, a garage door or a gate, installing a multi-point lock guarantees you an optimal level of security. Here are some protective measures to benefit from installing this carpentry equipment:
  • Burglary protection: Multi-point locks are particularly strong and can effectively resist breakage, drilling and cracking of cylinders. By installing this type of lock, you will bring more security to your interior.
  • Protection against breakage: Multi-point locks are particularly durable because they are equipped with anti-breakage technology. These include those that consist of increasing security at the cylinder level. Even if burglars manage to grab the cylinders with large pliers, they will hardly be able to crack them.
  • Drill Protection: Nowadays, many burglars tend to use lock-picking techniques to open front doors. By installing a multi-point lock, you can be sure that you will not face such a situation. This is because the pins can only rotate in the event of drilling in a vacuum due to the integration of a rotating element into the locking cylinder.

Some tips for choosing the ideal multiple lock for your front door?

In order to benefit from the high security of multi-point locks, you must meet a few criteria to make the right choice. Here are some of them:

Know the opening direction of the front door

Although most multi-point lock models are reversible, you should be aware that some areas still require a specific opening direction to function. Here are some explanations you need to know:
  • Straight press: The lock is on the right side when the user presses the door;
  • Left Push: The lock is on the left side when the user pushes the door;
  • Straight Pull: The lock is on the left side when the user pulls the front door.
  • Left Pull Tab: The lock is on the right side when the user pulls on the front door.

Determine the number of points for greater security

On the market, you can find multi-point locks with 3.5 or even 9 points. So it's up to you to determine the level of security you want to bring to your home. However, this level needs to be given special attention. If you want to take full advantage of the advantages of a multi-point lock, you must equip yourself with a modern, high-quality door. Regardless of whether the front door is screened or not, the door openers must be installed carefully. In order to have more security with a multi-point lock, you should not think in terms of elements, but rather as a whole.

Certification A2P

If you want to be sure of the quality of the devices to be installed, it is important to check the A2P certification of the multi-lock you are purchasing. To have the greatest resistance, the ideal would be to choose the 3 star model. Locks of this size can withstand attempts to grab and break in for up to 15 minutes.

Also note that the A2P standard specifies the resistance time to lock picking, percussion and drilling. Here is a classification that should not be overlooked when choosing your multi-point lock:
  • A2P*: 5 min burglary resistance;
  • A2P**: 10 min burglary resistance;
  • A2P***: 15 min burglary resistance.

The different types of keys

In addition to the opening direction, the number of points and the A2P certification, the type of key that opens and closes the multiple locks also has a significant impact on the level of security to be established. If you want to opt for more security, you should use a reversible ball and pump wrench. Keys of this size are typically sold with a personal ownership card. The latter is essential above all for reproducing the key.

If you want to benefit from more security, you can opt for multiple lock keys whose ownership cards are only approved by manufacturers. In particular, no professional locksmith can reproduce these keys. However, some people want to introduce a standard level of security. If you are one of them, then using a dental wrench would be ideal. The latter is particularly easy to reproduce.

What tips are there for installing the multi-point lock?

To install a multi-point lock, you must definitely follow a few tips. For example, if you want to carry out renovation work, surface-mounted multi-point locks may be preferred. Likewise, the number of points should not be neglected as it contributes to the proper installation of the striking plates that house the screws. For example, it would be pointless to have armoured doors, A2P*** certified locks and strike plates installed on plasterboard walls.

Don't hesitate to protect the cremone of your surface-mounted multiple locks with a bar or bar cover. Such a practice allows you to make the connection invisible and add aesthetic care to your interior.

You may need to replace recessed multi-point locks with PVC or aluminium patio doors. At this level, you have to be very vigilant on the sides of the different locking points. If you do not do this, you may not be able to install the Cremone on your recessed multi-point lock.

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